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The principle was our first weekend on our own for almost two years after our first child and only son. Sex was for some time ago, it was weird, and I was always a task teeniefiles for them. My wife, Nicole, understandably, was very focused on our baby. It was very natural, but I missed our holidays and nights. Especially when they wear sexy and we would stay up all night drinking, playing games for adults and talk about things sexy. Nicole is a beautiful woman, 35 years old, but everyone, including myself, think that is at least 5 or 6 years younger. She is tall, with long straight brown running on the lower back. Impressive sharp facial features and a beautiful big brown eyes penetrating thin tits, big and a very good body. teeniefiles She had always looked carefully after their performance. What could a man want? We have had one or two sexy experience so far, but nothing serious. But milder exhitionism - very short skirts, see-through tops,see through bikinis and a clit piercing done by a female piercer - is another story. She told me it was hot and humid at the time, teeniefiles and teeniefiles I am also thinking a lot since then. All this was more than 3 years, however, and I was frustrated sexual definitely. We discussed the situation on several occasions. I needed a break, a long weekend to rekindle things again. We would leave the clamps with a good father when we were leaving, would be free to do what. all happened a few years in early October. It was my birthday, so it's another good reason to do something special together. The planning started a month in advance and I were at the Lowry Hotel, a luxury suite, it was not cheap. I booked a Friday night and Saturday, but I've booked with us something special, but I'll explain later. started the day on Friday and went to the Trafford Centre in the first place. We spent a fortune on clothes and underwear. Although not staythroughout the day and checked into the hotel early afternoon, showered, changed and went again, but this time in the city center around the shops. was great as my wife all kinds of sexy clothing models that show out of the locker for me. I bought clothes sexy clothing or / and she was very happy. I also had something sexy I got teeniefiles from 1sexynight BeCheeky and put teeniefiles online. She knew nothing about it though. The store we were doing in Body Piercing and Nicole studied. I wanted another teeniefiles bar on one side, had their clitoral hood to replace (vertical ) and was looking at gold with real jems. I told him to buy it and she agreed that she loved a little surprising. We were not sure what size weigh as there are so many different ways. Different lengths and thicknesses. So the girl behind the counter asked that his clock drilling to confirm the proposal. He added that the swap free jewelry. He told me, Nicole, and demonstrated that small gold with Rubys they wanted. The girls asked us to sit and wait 5 minutes. Finally, the punch out teeniefiles of a room and the girl said something and said 'that' in our direction. He was a youngish man, perhaps 24 or 25, and led us into the room. Looked nice, talkative and very uniform, or reality -. Nicole asked him teeniefiles to remove his pants and underwear, then hop on the leather banquette. One time he did so without question by black lace thong on the table. Nicole was in the back, legs straight and narrow tight Brazilian cut on the screen. Ok, open your legs, the man said to his aid, and positioning it for one of his legs. He leaned close, just inches from his sleeve, and with a gloved hand and the alert will not be parted teeniefiles lips, and my wife started playing the violin of her clitoris. The current bar is screwed away from taking place in an empire. He told us that the size and the question of what he wanTed. I explained. He choked the room. My wife was very red, light red in the face. I asked him if he was okay ? She was fine, just a little hot and bothered, he said. He did not realize it could have been a man. The driller returned. Good and bad news, he teeniefiles said. The good news is that it is the right size (or almost), but the bad news is that it does for sterilization, which have 30 to 40 minutes in an autoclave should. He explained teeniefiles it was 5 mm shorter than the one they teeniefiles had was very long, but said it would be better to rest on her clit under the hood of the clitoris stimulation superior to that in his mind. Nicole said, I 'm not going to be running on the work that I am, if not more exciting? He said, and smiled at you could! N put a new pair of gloves and my wife opened her lips teeniefiles again, pinched her clitoris and clitoral hood. Time to revise the current re -installed and come back later to the new when it is ready to change. He played one minute threading of the jewelry back through. That's it. The driller gave my panties wife and said, I think these are yours. Nicole looked embarrassed and put the new belt while on the bench. Jeans again and then we teeniefiles went to the nearest bar for a quick drink. I was shaking. It was the first time another man had touched my wife 's pussy as far as I know, although I was pretty sure. I was very excited, but why not. We had a couple of shorts each admitted to the bar and Nicole enjoys the attention. She actually said she was cute and also confessed to stimulate. I asked him what he meant and he said, sexy. He said he felt wet and had to go to the bathroom. I was stunned. went and waited for drilling. He took us back and said it was the regular exercise. Nervously undressed, put on the bench and spread her legs as much as he could. He said that the needs of existing handle bar and went to before he returned. Nicols pussy was wet and her clitoris was clearly very red and swollen, with attention. This turns me on to know that a stranger went on. teeniefiles played again with the jewels again, but had trouble losing the ball was in the now largely under the clitoral hood can be hidden, because the new bar was a little shorter. It was only inches from his head between her legs, pulled the hood over her clit in an attempt to find the end of the threaded rod. Her clit was swollen and products on display was clear that their agitation had a hard time. - He paused for a minute and said he had to fight. He said that because her clitoris become ' bloated' there was not much space for the ball. It was very fact, and did not seem the slightest effort. My wife said she was excited and was really sorry, but could not prevent. He said do not worry, it sometimes happens when someone is upset with his genitalAS! I could feel my erection in an awkward position in my pants and moved a little, and try to straighten it. The piercer asked me if I help you out of mind and teeniefiles gave me a pair of gloves. He instructed me to keep my wife's pussy lips open while controlling the ball again renew the screw. This time was easier, and the guys in about a minute, but Nicole 's clit was swollen and erect. Then we look in a mirror in front of my wife pussy approval of new body jewelry. He opened his lips, and approved it. Lifting the lid with a finger, leaving the ball teeniefiles lower. He said he supports the right on her clitoris and gently pushed the ball back and forth to demonstrate. Ooooh, that's nice, he said. He had not been exhausted and said he was going to enjoy it better than the last. Then he asked if I could take a picture of your portfolio. We agreed, and made it to his lips one last goodbye to a couple of shots. If we return to the hoton, we had the best sex I ever had. It was fantastic. She had more than half a dozen orgasms in one hours time. Although our sex life was good, it was two or three at most. It helped me to relive the experience of the past, when we made love and it was definitely right. And of course, your new toy! Listen to you in Part 2 Photoshoot
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